Victorian Socialists Palestine Action Group

Take Action for Palestine

The Victorian Socialists Palestine Action Group has established this campaign page to provide resources for those already involved or keen to get involved in Palestine solidarity work, and to document the activities of our memebrs and supporters. We hope that it is useful.

Many VS members are long-term Palestine solidarity campaigners, whether through participation in groups like Free Palestine Melbourne, or as activists with Students for Palestine or the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Since the beginning of Israel's genocidal war on Gaza, we've stepped up our activity. VS members have played a role in organising and have had contingents at the weekly mass rallies on Sundays. Some are involved with organising for Palestine in their workplaces and trade unions, and others with the Students and High-School Students for Palestine groups.

We want to continue these activities, and potentially also expand into new areas. We've set up this page as an online space that can help publicise our work, share information and ideas, and provide an entry-point into Palestine solidarity campaigning for those who would like to get involved.

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Campaign news

New campaign against weapons manufacturer Thomastown

Thursday, 11 July

Early on Thursday morning 28 June a community picket took place to stop work at the Thomastown factory of Electromold. The picket kicked off a new wing of the campaign against Melbourne-based weapons manufacturers who profit from supplying the tools for Israel’s genocide.

Victorian Socialists’ Maribyrnong Council Campaign kicks off

Thursday, 11 July

On Saturday June 15 more than 60 people from the Maribyrnong community came to our launch to hear from VS candidates Jorge Jorquera and Catherine Robertson. Jorge shared some of Victorian Socialists’ achievements on Council over the past four years – including the successful Palestine solidarity motion, work in support of public and community housing, fighting to save Footscray Park and McIvor Reserve, and more.

Cat Rose speaks at Darebin Protest Parade

Tuesday, 2 July

On the 15th of June hundreds attended a protest parade organized by Darebin for Palestine. The rally started in Preston marching along High st to Northcote, stopping off at the offices of labor MPs Nathan Lambert, Ged Kearney and Kat Theophanous. 

The rally was calling on the state and federal governments to stop arming genocide, to cut ties with Israel and to stand with Palestinians. 

Lucas' powerful Free Palestine rally speech

Sunday, 23 June

Lucas Moore, Victoria Socialist candidate for Olympia ward in Banyule Council, spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Melbourne Free Palestine rally on June 9 – week 35 of Israel’s onslaught, and of the protests. 

Labor - Blood on your hands

Tuesday, 18 June

Victorian Socialist members took part in a community event out the front of Andrew Giles office in Thomastown on 31 May, as part of a national day of action against Labor MPs complicit in genocide. 

So what has the Andrew Giles, Labor’s Immigration Minister done whilst Palestinians experience genocide in Gaza? Surely it’s not all bad? Humanitarian visas you might think? 

Nillumbik residents call on council to stand in solidarity with Palestinians

Monday, 10 June

Local residents rallied at the Nillumbik Council offices in Greensborough on 28 May, calling on the Council to stand in solidarity with Palestinians as they face genocide in Gaza. Victorian Socialist members including Lucas Moore, candidate for Olympia ward in Banyule Council, attended the rally and spoke.

Mutu speaks at local Palestine rally

Wednesday, 29 May

Mutullah Can Yolbulan (Mutu), Vic Socialists’ council candidate for Merlynston Creek ward in Hume City Council spoke at a Hume for Palestine rally on 13 May.

Five Tips for Organising at Work

Wednesday, 24 April

1. Bring politics into the workplace with badges, keffiyehs and posters for your noticeboard and a socialist paper, if you can. Sometimes wearing badges will feel as if it’s going unnoticed, but even if you don’t strike up conversation immediately, you’re signalling that it’s worthwhile to bring politics into work which can give confidence to others. Showing your colours can often strike up conversations you wouldn’t expect.

Victorian Socialists’ Dunkley results

Monday, 4 March

Carrum Downs, just a couple of kilometres from Frankston, isn’t known as a hotbed of radicalism. As far as we know, there’s never been a socialist electoral campaign there. 

Voting starts on Monday 19 Feb! Three ways to help Reem’s campaign

Friday, 16 February

Voting starts on Monday 19 Feb! Three ways to help Reem’s campaign

Victoria University NTEU Palestine Action Group Update

Friday, 16 February

The Victoria University National Tertiary Education Union Palestine Action Group (VU NTEU PAG) has continued to campaign over recent months. 

VS to run Palestinian-Australian activist Reem Yunis in Dunkley by-election

Thursday, 8 February

We are excited to announce that Palestinian-Australian activist and socialist Reem Yunis will be the Victorian Socialists candidate for the Dunkley by-election, coming up on Saturday 2 March.

Protest at Campbellfield weapons manufacturer Fri 2nd Feb

Monday, 29 January

Protest at Campbellfield weapons manufacturer – this Friday 2 Feb 10am to 12 noon at HTA (Heat Treatment Australia), 43B Lara Rd Campbellfield

Palestine solidarity campaigns continue at local councils

Monday, 29 January

Communities all around Victoria have been taking the struggle for solidarity with Palestine to their local councils, as a way of challenging the appalling blanket of silence on Israel’s genocide from every level of government in Australia. 

More tips for successful workplace discussions

Monday, 29 January

More tips for successful workplace discussions

Two success stories: First, how a Vic Socialists member in a suburban office in Melbourne got workmates to the Sunday rallies and to help with local poster runs. And second, a thoughtful piece about the challenges of creating a space for discussions and organising on Palestine in a Melbourne high school. 

Getting your Local Council to pass a Pro-Palestine Motion: A Rough Guide

Wednesday, 10 January

At the tail end of 2023, a wave of councils around Melbourne began passing pro-Palestine motions. This guide was put together to collate the lessons from VS activists involved in getting some of these motions passed.

Building Palestine solidarity in schools – one conversation at a time 

Friday, 22 December

Even with the repressive, anti-free-speech atmosphere created by government dictates in schools and other public sector workplaces, it’s still possible – and often very worthwhile – to create discussions around Palestine. These two stories show how from VS members and teacher union activists show how.

Hume Council passes solidarity motion

Thursday, 21 December

An impressive turnout by the community at the the Hume ‘rally for humanity’ outside Broadmeadows Town Hall on Mond 18 December. Great to see community pressure once again convince a local council to pass a Palestine Solidarity motion. 

Palestine Solidarity Motion passed at Wyndham City Council

Thursday, 21 December

Darebin Council reponds to community call to stand with Palestine

Wednesday, 20 December

Excellent result in Darebin Council on Monday evening 18th of December, where community pressure forced the Labor and Greens councillors to vote in favour of a strong pro-Palestine motion.

VU NTEU Palestine Action Group

Sunday, 17 December

Report from Palestine solidarity worker activist at Victoria University

Around the world: Workers’ solidarity with Palestine

Friday, 15 December

Our wrap-up of recent workers’ actions around the world in solidarity with Palestine, from port workers in Belgium, to bus drivers in the US.

Building workplace solidarity – one conversation at a time

Friday, 15 December

A lot of people are highly motivated about Palestine, but unfortunately we’re still a minority of society. A much larger group of people – including many of our workmates – are shaken up, and up for a conversation.

Palestine flag flying above Maribyrnong Council

Wednesday, 13 December

The Palestinian flag is flying at Braybrook Community Hub, in a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the midst of Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Rallying for Palestine outside Hume council meeting

Wednesday, 13 December

A community demonstration has been called outside December 18th's Hume Council meeting in support of a motion by local activists calling on the council to support peace in Gaza.

Victorian Socialists Palestine Action Group

Monday, 20 November

Victorian Socialists is establishing a Palestine Action Group to bring together members and supporters who are active, or who want to get active, in the Palestine solidarity campaign.

Jerome Small's speech at Palestine solidarity rally

Tuesday, 17 October

Victorian Socialists' 2022 state election candidate Jerome Small was among a number of VS members who spoke at the Palestine solidarity rally in Melbourne on Sunday 15th October.

Volunteer centre

The Victorian Socialists' volunteer centre is now open! Drop by 83 Sydney Road, Brunswick to find out about upcoming events, meet the local VS activists, and check out the left-wing bookshop we are sharing the space with.

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