Labor - Blood on your hands

Posted on Tuesday, 18 June

Victorian Socialist members took part in a community event out the front of Andrew Giles office in Thomastown on 31 May, as part of a national day of action against Labor MPs complicit in genocide. 

So what has the Andrew Giles, Labor’s Immigration Minister done whilst Palestinians experience genocide in Gaza? Surely it’s not all bad? Humanitarian visas you might think? 

Well, no. Despite humanitarian visas being offered for people fleeing other conflicts, not one has been provided for Palestinians and worse yet, as pointed out the by Palestine Australia Relief & Action:  “Almost 5,000 Palestinian visa applications - many of whom are loved ones of Australian citizens trying to flee Gaza - have been rejected”

To top this off, Instead of taking any action to help Palestinians flee the horrors being inflicted by Israel in Gaza or any action to stop Australia's complicity in and profiteering from genocide, Labor has teamed up with the Liberals to try and shut down political debate.

The hypocrisy of this government is sickening – calling for “civility” at the same time as they rubber stamp weapons deals that are helping Israel rain death and destruction down on Palestinians in Gaza.

VS Members protesting Labor