Educational Rescource List


Dissapearing Palestine Maps. These are  great visual representation of the occupation of paletinian land. For a Printable info sheet see this map from or see this animated map at Aljzeera 

The Story of Palestine, book cover

The Story of Palestine: Empire, Repression and Resistance by Vashti Fox is a useful introduction to the history of Palestinian oppression and resistance. In addition to cutting through the lies told by politicians and media outlets, Fox presents a uniquely socialist strategy for liberation. Available for purchase at our Volunteer center from Red Flag books, or online. 

film poster

5 Broken cameras by Emad Burnat is a moving first hand account, using hand held video cameras to capture   five years of attempted Israeli settlers encroachment onto Palestinian land in the West Bank village of Bil'in and the Palestinian resistance to it. The film goes for just under. See the trailer here

my israel question cover

My Israel Question by Anthony Lowenstein, Australian, anti zionist Jewish journalist. Lowenstein was raised to have a liberal zionist view, his own investigative journalism and research led him to stand with Palestine and oppose the state of Israel. This book in addition to detailing much of the reality of israel and palestine, deals with his personal grappling with these issues, anti semitism, islamophobia and the problem of weaponising anti semitism to silence pro palestinian activists. For more from Lowenstein including his latest book “The Palestine Laboratory  “ see his website here


We will keep adding to this resource list over the coming weeks and months. If you have a suggestion for a resource that should be added to this list or have a question or theme related to Palestinian Liberation that isn’t addressed by resources on this list please get in touch. 

See also this resource list put together by editors of Socialist newspaper Red Flag.