Victorian Socialists’ Maribyrnong Council Campaign kicks off

Posted on Thursday, 11 July

On Saturday June 15 more than 60 people from the Maribyrnong community came to our launch to hear from VS candidates Jorge Jorquera and Catherine Robertson. Jorge shared some of Victorian Socialists’ achievements on Council over the past four years – including the successful Palestine solidarity motion, work in support of public and community housing, fighting to save Footscray Park and McIvor Reserve, and more.

It was great to hear from Jorge about the work he has done with community groups including Save Bunbury Street Trees, Angliss Neighbourhood House, Friends of Footscray Park, ViệtSpeak, and Hobsons Bay and Brimbank Palestine action groups. Activists from these groups were in attendance for the launch.

In November 2023 Jorge moved a motion against Israel’s genocide in Gaza and in support of peace and justice for Palestine. The motion was passed but almost immediately faced an attempt to rescind it. Thanks to organised support and pressure from the community on councillors, the attempt to rescind the motion was stopped – Maribyrnong Council remains among the first in Australia to adopt a motion in support of Palestine. 

Catherine outlined how the work councillors do is shaped by capitalism’s failure to look after ordinary people, which is reflected at every level of politics. The mass sell-offs of public housing, destructive climate policy, and the ongoing scapegoating of migrants by major parties all contribute to the immediate issues in our local communities. We need councillors who want to fight for more – against the whole system.

We thank everyone who came along, and look forward to meeting more of you on the campaign trail and at future Victorian Socialists events.

You can contact Cr Jorge Jorquera by phone or email here.

Victorian Socialists’ vision: A council that puts people before profit

An out-of-control capitalist system is eroding the economic, social and environmental foundations of our society. We need councillors who will stand up to the destructive, profit-driven agenda that dominates politics. Socialist councillors will fight for our communities, for workers and for those in need. We’ll fight for:

  • Real action on housing costs
    Housing should be a human right, not a money-making investment for the wealthiest few. We need more public housing and rent controls. We’ll fight for a housing system that puts local communities and those in need ahead of big landlords, investors and developers.
  • Putting people before profit
    The community suffers when councils put profits before people. We need a council that promotes equitable, liveable and sustainable development – including acting on the climate crisis.
  • Social justice
    Whether it’s Israel’s genocide in Gaza, fighting for justice alongside First Nations people, or opposing racism and attacks on the LGBTIQ+ community: we will speak out and act against injustice.

Get involved!

To get Jorge re-elected and elect other socialists onto council we’ll need all hands on deck. There’ll be lots of ways to get involved in the coming months – here’s what’s coming up next:

  • We’re running multiple doorknocks every week. Register here.
  • We’ll be letterboxing in your neighbourhood. Information coming soon.
  • We’ll be posting events regularly on the VS website. Keep an eye on the Victorian Socialists events page for volunteer opportunities.

Victorian Socialists Maribyrnong council candidates:

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Liz Speaking