Protest at Campbellfield weapons manufacturer Fri 2nd Feb

Posted on Monday, 29 January

Protest at Campbellfield weapons manufacturer – this Friday 2 Feb 10am to 12 noon at HTA (Heat Treatment Australia), 43B Lara Rd Campbellfield

Every time an Israeli F-35 combat jet unleashes death and devastation on the people of Gaza, weapons manufacturers in Melbourne count the profits. F-35 jets have been described as “the world’s most advanced fighter jet”, and Israel’s military has boasted of their role in dropping 2,000 pound bombs on the people of Gaza. 

Australian manufacturers supply key components for the F-35s globally. Components made in Melbourne include the “uplock actuators” (which physically open and close the weapons bay doors every time the plane drops a bomb) as well as components used in the hull, engine and landing gear.

Victorian Socialists will be part of a community protest this Friday outside the Campbellfield factory of HTA (Heat Treatment Australia). Australia’s Defence Department says that HTA has “significantly contributed” to manufacturing for the F-35 through its high-tech heat treatments to strengthen key components. 

We’ve had a great response while leafleting locals in Campbellfield, who are outraged to find out that there are local companies profiting from supplying the killing machines used in Israel’s onslaught on Gaza. We’re hoping that a successful rally on Friday can be the basis of an ongoing campaign against HTA’s role – so sign the petition, download the Campbellfield protest leaflet, and contact us to find out how else you can get involved!