Palestine flag flying above Maribyrnong Council

Posted on Wednesday, 13 December

The Palestinian flag is flying at Braybrook Community Hub, in a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the midst of Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza. 

The Palestinian flag flying above Braybrook Community Hub

Hundreds of residents and supporters gathered at the Hub on Tuesday 12 December 2023 to show support for the Maribyrnong Council upholding Victorian Socialists councillor Jorge Jorquera's motion in solidarity with Palestine.

The motion, voted up in the 21 November council meeting, condemns attacks on civilians, the constant bombardment and siege of Gaza and the dehumanising language used by Israeli politicians to justify their war crimes. 

The motion commits the council to write to the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister calling on the Australian Government to condemn Israel's war crimes and call for an immediate ceasefire and lifting of the siege of Gaza. It calls for a political solution to the conflict which includes and end to Israel's occupation of Palestine, and for an end to all ties with the state of Israel until it complies with international law.

It also commits council to explore the use of boycotts and divestment to cancel contracts with companies supporting or profiting from the occupation, and to raising the Palestinian flag.

Some of the crowd at the rally

As we gathered to celebrate the success of the resolution and pay respects to the ongoing struggle for justice in Palestine, we heard from Nasser Mashti, president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy network. Nasser spoke about the continued importance of political pressure on all levels of politics - that we all need to keep speaking up for Palestine and not be bullied into silence.

Adel Salman, President of the Islamic Council of Victoria told us about the central, visceral nature of the question of justice in Palestine for Muslims around the world. The blind eye to Israel's crimes, and continued supply of weapons is a glaring example of the double-standards of the Western powers.

Adel Salman

We heard from Luca Cernaz, a young organiser of the Soccer for Palestine game which raised over $2000 for Palestinian community organisations. One of these organisations was the Aida Youth Center. The center's director, Anas Abu Srour, has since been arrested by the Israeli military. Luca told us about Anas arrest and encouraged people to get involved in the campaign to free him.

Also speaking at the rally was Jordy Silverstein from the Australian Jewish Democratic Society, Greens councillor Bernadette Thomas, and Victorian Socialists candidate for Western Metro in the 2022 state election Liz Walsh.

Liz Walsh

Victorian Socialists continues to organise in the western suburbs and elsewhere - if you want to get involved then come to our Palestine Action Group meetings or sign up as a volunteer.