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Militarism and Solidarity

Australia faces no threat to its sovereignty. Despite this, successive federal governments have involved Australia in alliances with the United States and other imperialist countries to bolster Australia’s military and economic power beyond our own borders, to the benefit of multinational and Australian corporations. Victorian Socialists oppose imperialism and neo-colonialism, and extend our solidarity to nations and peoples who suffer and resist oppression.

What we think

  1. Socialists oppose Australian involvement in great power rivalries or imperialist conflicts.
  2. Australia should withdraw from all alliances with major imperialist powers and instead pursue a policy of non-alignment.
  3. Victorian Socialists oppose Australian support for Israel on the grounds that it is an apartheid state; we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians.
  4. Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy programs have no place in a peaceful society.

We’ll fight to

  1. End Victorian government involvement in militarism by:
    1. Ceasing its partnership with Elbit Systems.
    2. Ending support for the bi-annual “not-for-profit” arms fair at Avalon Airport.
    3. Banning nuclear-armed and nuclear-powered vessels from Victorian ports.
    4. Ending relations with and divesting from companies involved in the development or sale of nuclear weapons, technology or components.