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End homophobia and transphobia

For generations, society has systematically vilified and discriminated against LGBTIQ+ people. Despite important gains, there remain many forms of oppression that negatively affect the health and happiness of LGBTIQ+ people. We still need to fight for liberation from all forms of discrimination and bigotry. 

What we think

  1. LGBTIQ+ people have the right to live free from fear, shame, bigotry or discrimination.
  2. Religious freedom does not mean freedom to discriminate against or vilify LGBTIQ+ people.
  3. Trans and gender diverse people have the right to affirm their gender, and for this to be recognised.

What we'll fight for

  1. Review and repeal all laws that discriminate against LGBTIQ+ people.
  2. Remove all current exemptions that allow institutions to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ people on religious grounds.
  3. Increase the availability of emergency housing for LGBTIQ+ people.
  4. Ensure inclusive sexuality education in schools and comprehensive professional learning for teachers to support gender and sexual diversity. 
  5. Require institutions, businesses, non-government organisations and state agencies to recognise trans and gender diverse people’s gender identity.
  6. Fully fund health services to provide free, gender affirming care and ensure rural and regional accessibility to provide for all LGBTIQ+ health needs.
  7. Until they can give informed consent, ban all invasive or irreversible medical procedures on intersex children that modify sex characteristics, unless necessary to avoid serious health-related harm.