Victorians have lost $66 billion on the pokies in the last three decades – enough to have built at least 30 new hospitals, 200,000 public houses or six new Melbourne metro train lines. Nearly three-quarters of us gamble at some point and more than half a million people experience harm as a result. The affects aren’t limited to individuals. The social costs of gambling to Victoria are estimated to be $7 billion per year. The industry should be more restricted in its advertising and operations.

What we think

  1. The gambling industry is exploitative and socially destructive.
  2. The gambling industry should be regulated to mitigate its social harms.
  3. Forms of gambling that are designed to be particularly addictive should be restricted and the most harmful should be banned.

What we'll fight for

  1. Phase out all pokies within five years.
  2. Ban all gambling industry advertising (similar to the tobacco industry), including sports sponsorship.
  3. Increase regulation of online betting. 
  4. Mandate a gambling shutdown at Crown Casino and all licensed venues between 3am and 12pm.
  5. Mandate that all gambling outlets prominently display information from Gambler’s Help about the real odds of winning in popular gambling activities. 
  6. Ban all political donations from the gambling industry.
  7. Redirect taxed revenue from gambling to specific programs dealing with the problems caused by or associated with gambling.