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Arts and culture

The pandemic badly hurt the arts and culture sector: musicians lost gigs, theatres lost audiences and artists lost galleries. The government denied support to artists, writers, musicians, performers and others working in the arts and cultural spheres, on the basis that their work was not deemed “essential”. Socialists believe that the economy should be a means to increase artistic expression and expand society’s cultural horizons, rather than culture and art being viewed as simply a means to make money for businesses and wealthy individuals. Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their creativity. 

What we think

  1. Art and culture should be widely available and not restricted to those who can pay for access. 
  2. Everyone has the right to develop and exercise their creativity and should be supported to do so.
  3. The state has no right to censor or restrict art or works of culture and has no role in prescribing the form or content of art.

What we'll fight for

  1. Create a Victorian Artists Fund to provide a stipend of $1,000 per month to established artists, writers, performers and others who produce cultural works. 
  2. Increase funding and grants for emerging artists, writers and performers. Simplify grant applications, centralise information about available grants and employ grants application officers to help people apply.
  3. Expand arts and performance programs in schools. 
  4. Fund artist-run venues, galleries and other spaces.
  5. Create low-rent or no-rent studios and working spaces for artists and performers in appropriate unused or under-used buildings.
  6. Increase funding for public and community cultural institutions, facilities and programs, including museums, galleries, theatres, community radio, television, film and festivals.
  7. Remove all ideological criteria for accessing public funding: the state has no place in determining the content of art and culture.
  8. Strengthen planning protections for live music venues against noise complaints or developers.
  9. End the freeze on granting new liquor licences past 1:00am.
  10. Improve pay and conditions in film and television, including for freelancers.