Reem’s letter to Dunkley residents

Posted on Tuesday, 6 February

Reem's letter

Hi, I’m Reem Yunis,

I’ve been a high school teacher for 24 years, and I’m running in the Dunkley by-election because I’m sick of a political system that works for no one but the super-rich.

Grocery and rental prices are out of control, schools and childcare services are underfunded, and the health system is in crisis. Banks, supermarkets and other big corporations are squeezing workers to make massive profits.

Labor and the Liberals have let this go on too long, and our society is suffering the consequences. We need a government that stands up for workers, not one that panders to big business interests.

As a Palestinian-Australian I’ve also been appalled by Labor’s support for Israel’s war on Gaza. 

Instead of backing a mass slaughter of innocent people, our government should take a stand against war and use its diplomatic power to push for justice for the Palestinians and a lasting peace.

Let’s fund better childcare, schools, and hospitals instead of wasting billions on weapons and war. Let’s bring public services back into public hands instead of letting private companies profiteer by increasing costs and lowering standards. And let’s ensure workers get a bigger share of the wealth they produce, instead of helping the super-rich get richer.

Reem Yunis
Victorian Socialists candidate for Dunkley