Help Victorian Socialists with our federal re-registration

Posted on Thursday, 11 May

We need your help to achieve federal re-registration for Victorian Socialists with the Australian Electoral Commission. We need to give the AEC the name, phone number and address of 1,500 Victorian Socialists members. 

What do I need to do?

The best thing you can do is become a member of Victorian Socialists, you can do this here. You can live anywhere in Australia, so long as you’re enrolled to vote. If you already a member, make sure your details are up to date

Please make sure that the name and address for your Victorian Socialists membership is the same as the address of your electoral enrolment, you can check your enrolment details with the Australian Electoral Commission here.

You can only support one party’s application for federal enrolment. So if you’re already an Electoral Member of another party, you can’t be part of this process with Victorian Socialists.

If you are not in a position to become a financial member, you can still become part of the electoral submission by becoming a supporter here

What happens next?

In June we’ll submit 1,500 names of party members to the AEC. 

The AEC will then phone a sample of these members to double check that names and details are correct. So be prepared to answer a call from the AEC sometime in late June or early July. 

Once the AEC have satisfied themselves that our list is genuine, they’ll renew Victorian Socialists’ federal registration.

Why do we need to renew federal registration?

Every political party is required to go through a re-registration process during every election cycle, basically every three years. 

Federal re-registration means VS candidates will have our party name printed on the ballot paper in the next federal election – so we can continue the work of rebuilding a socialist current in Australian political life. 

We came very close to winning a seat in the Victorian state election last year. Running in the next federal election (due in early 2025) will be a stepping stone for our next attempt to win a state seat in 2026, which would be an important breakthrough for the left in this country.

Ask friends and family to join!

Supportive friends, family and work colleagues can all help Victorian Socialists achieve our federal re-registration. Anyone enrolled to vote can join Vic Socialists (using the same address as their enrolment) and be part of our re-registration list – so think about who you can forward this email to!

People just need to join (or if they’re already a VS member, check their details), and make sure that their AEC registration is for the same address as their VS membership (check registration here).