How Can We Fight The Housing Crisis- A Victorian Socialists Forum

Special Event

No essential worker in Australia can afford to rent alone in any capital city. On average, hospitality workers need to spend 81% of their weekly pay to afford a capital city rent. Young people are having to resort to couch surfing, homelessness services and food banks because they can no longer afford to keep a roof over their head or to buy enough food to feed themselves.
Meanwhile, it is estimated that the tax concessions for the wealthy and landlords will cost the public in excess of $40 billion on average per year over the next decade. Make no mistake, this is war on the working class, led by the rich and supported by Parliaments of landlords. We cannot expect them to help those of us struggling, not without putting up a fight.
We invite you to join Victorian Socialists in a forum on housing inequality where we will hear from tenancy lawyer and advocate Louisa Bassini. We will discuss the growing divide in our society, the impacts of the ever increasing cost of living and have a discussion about how we can fight back against this attack on working class people.

What to expect

Sunday, 21 May

3:00 pm

223 Barkley Street, Footscray