Northcote - Politics in the Pub: a Socialist Approach to Housing


Join Victorian Socialists for this Politics in the Pub “A Socialist Approach to Housing: Homes for All & Renters Rights”. Bring your opinions, thoughts and questions to this important discussion facilitated by Kath Larkin, Victorian Socialist candidate for Northcote. 

What to expect

It is a sick reality of capitalism that housing is treated as a commodity and not a human right. The profit driven property market sees vacant homes outstrip the rate of homelessness.The public housing wait list continues to grow while the state Labor government touts its “big housing build” - a smoke and mirrors plan to accelerate the privatisation of public housing. 

As wages fall and inflation bites this trend is only set to get worse. Young workers today have never been less likely to be able to buy a house. Instead we contend with a predatory rental market, in which horror stories of abusive landlords and real estate agents abound. 


Jerome Small, our candidate for the Northern Metro upper house will talk about the socialist vision for homes for all, what Victorian Socialists are campaigning for and how we can win.

Steph Price, Victorian Socialist candidate for Preston - a tenants rights lawyer. Steph provides advocacy and support for renters taking on their landlords. Hear from Steph about the changes needed in the rental market, and get some hot tips on how to stand up to your landlord today. 

Tuesday, 23 August

6:00 pm