Free Palestine fundraiser booksale


Second hand booksale raising money for the Ni'lin popular committee. Open 10am-6pm Saturday 27 July at the Victorian Socialists volunteer centre - 83 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

What to expect

Ni’lin is a village in the West Bank which is surrounded by Israel’s apartheid barrier and subject to draconian policies and constant harrassment by Israeli forces aiming to drive the inhabitants off their land.

The situation in Ni'lin has deteriorated rapidly since October 7. There have been constant raids by Israeli soldiers and more than 300 people have been arrested. The entrance to the village has been blockaded and any farmers attempting to tend to their land have been attacked by soldiers. Israeli settlers have also attacked people's land and homes. All theses actions are calculated to force the population of Ni'lin to leave.

The Ni’lin popular committee has been organising weekly food parcels (comprising flour, canned goods, vegetables and dry legumes such as lentils, beans and peas) for families most in neeed. The money raised in this fundraiser will go towards ensuring the distribution of food parcels can continue for another month.

Do you have any books you could donate to the sale? Please email [email protected] or call James on 0488 060 698 to arrange to drop them off at our volunteer centre at 83 Sydney Road Brunswick.

Saturday, 27 July

10:00 am

83 Sydney Rd, Brunswick