Big Cross-Melbourne Council Doorknock

Door Knocking

What to expect

Join the Victorian Socialists campaign team as we connect with locals to hear about what issues matter to them.

The major parties have their corporate backers but we have something more powerful—our communities. We know that real change happens when we get together and fight for a better world. 

We’re running in local government elections this year because we need them to put people before profit at a local level. Councils can play a role in fighting to get community voices heard: we have seen that in recent months with campaigns across Melbourne to force councils to take a stand against the genocide in Gaza. We need councillors with the conviction to take a stand on issues like this and so much more.  

Doorknocking is one of the most effective campaigning tactics we have at our disposal—it gives us the opportunity to speak to our communities face to face and allows us to have more persuasive conversations. It is the best way to get our message into our communities and speak to as many locals as possible. 

If you have not doorknocked before we’ve got you covered. We will run a brief training session at the start and we will make sure you are paired up with someone who is experienced so you can learn from them. Everyone will be in a team so you don’t have to worry about doing it alone.

Hume: Broadmeadows Central Shopping Centre Car Park, Broadmeadows.
Darebin: H Swain Reserve, Oakover Road, Preston. 
Merri-Bek: VS Volunteer Centre, 83 Sydney Road, Brunswick. 
Banyule: Malahang Reserve, Orial Road, Heidelberg West. Meeting at 1pm. 
Maribyrnong: Borderlands Cooperative, 30A Pickett St, Footscray.

Saturday, 1 June

12:00 pm

Multiple points across Melbourne,