Reem Yunis for Dunkley

↩ Reem Yunis for Dunkley

What Reem will fight for if elected to represent Dunkley

Labor and Liberal are both in the pocket of big banks and corporations. That’s why they won’t fix the cost of living crisis.

We need

  • Wages up
  • Housing costs down
  • Prices down
  • Services funded
  • Higher taxes on corporate profits, not workers’ wages
  • Money to improve living conditions and provide for services that help workers, not to support militarism and war

Stop the war on Gaza

Australia should support a free Palestine. End Australian political and military support for Israel.

Free childcare

Establish a free, publicly-run childcare system for families and proper wages for childcare workers.

Stop price rises & increase wages

Price controls on basic goods to stop supermarket giants and other corporations from ripping off consumers. Legislate to increase wages in line with inflation. 

Affordable housing for all

A 5-year freeze on rent increases. Laws to give renters real rights and prevent abuse by landlords. Build 150,000 new public housing units in Victoria over the next 10 years. Establish a new public bank that offers low-interest housing loans.

Fix the crisis in schools & health

Wage increases and improved work conditions to fix retention crisis. Boost funding to provide 10,000 new teachers in public schools, and more hospital beds, nurses and other staff in health and aged care. 

Real climate action

No new gas or coal. A zero carbon economy by 2035 and a permanent net-negative emissions economy by 2040. Put key polluting industries under government control.